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All peripheral cards released for the Apple II up to the time of the Apple II Plus were usable only in slots 1 through ... Gameport Pinout and Specs - Rich 12345

The Apple Communication Slot or Comm Slot is an internal expansion data interface (slot) found in Apple Macintosh computers from the early to mid-1990s. It was designed as an inexpensive way to add communication expansion cards like network … toshiba satellite laptop battery pinout datasheet & applicatoin toshiba satellite laptop battery pinout datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Pinouts - From: tdiaz-a(in_a_circle)-apple2-dotsero-org (Tony Diaz) Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2,comp.answers,news.​answers Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU Followup-To: comp.sys.apple2 Subject: Apple II Pinouts (FAQ) Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Hardware Hacking, Part 13/25 The slots on all slotted Apple IIs are physically identical There are minor differences between the slot signals on the various machines and on some slots in the same machine, mostly affecting rarely used special pins.

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The Apple II line of computers supported a number of Apple II peripheral cards, expansion cards which plugged into slots on the motherboard, and added to and extended the functionality of the base system. All Apple II models except the Apple IIc had at least seven 50-pin expansion slots, labeled Slots 1 though 7. Apple IIgs (ROM version 3) - Vectronic's Home The Apple IIgs supported all graphics modes of previous Apple II models and introduced several new ones through a custom Video Graphics Chip (VGC), all of which used a 12-bit palette for a total of 4096 possible colors, though not all 4096 colors could appear onscreen at the same time. Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Hardware Hacking, Part 13/25 - Google Groups 004- What is the pinout for the Apple II series Slots? ... 013- I have 256kB on my 1MB Apple IIgs Memory Expansion Card. ... on proto boards for Apple II Slot card ... APPLE II FAMILY HARDWARE INFORMATION

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Gameport Pinout and Specs - Rich 12345 I purchased my own computer, an Apple IIe, towards the end of 1984 and, .... a special extension cable which plugs into the 16-pin game port connector (II,II+,IIe  ...

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Disk II - Wikipedia The Disk II Floppy Disk Subsystem, often rendered as Disk ][, is a 5 1 ⁄ 4-inch floppy disk drive designed by Steve Wozniak and manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc. It went on sale in June 1978 at a retail price of US$495 for pre-order; it was later sold for $595 (equivalent to $2,290 in 2018) including the controller card (which can control up to two drives) and cable. Apple II VGA Scaler AIIVGAS - Apple II Heaven The Apple II VGA scaler (AIIVGAS) is an Apple II compatible circuit board for converting Apple II, II+, Europlus and Apple IIe video to VGA compatible signals for displaying on a VGA monitor. Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Hardware Hacking, Part 13/25 - Google ...

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Computer buses and slots connectors pinouts and wirings @ old ... Buses and slots connectors pinouts. ... Apple Pinouts. 50 pins unspecified. Apple II slot Expansion Slot Connector for the Apple II Series Interface/Add On Cards.

Though similar in specifications, the two computers represented differing design philosophies; as an open architecture system, upgrade capability for the Apple II was granted by internal expansion slots, whereas the C64's comparatively … ExpressCard - Wikipedia